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Dedicated to advance authentic Gurdjieffian Studies - against counter-currents of indifference, variously motivated 'adaptations', and blunt hostility - we are immensely grateful to those individuals who volunteer help in any way.

A few months ago we were fortunate enough to receive from a generous donor some primary correspondence - original letters written in the 1920s by Gurdjieff and his first rank pupil P. D. Ouspensky. We already host a major Gurdjieff Website and 'The Teacher of Dancing' remains our unalterable focus. Nevertheless the receipt of new Ouspensky material has spurred us to post this companion Site  How it develops remains to be seen and the views of visitors to either of these sites will be most welcome.

We have been fortunate to enlist the help of J. Walter Driscoll the eminent Work bibliographer and of James Moore Gurdjieff's biographer.






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