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GEORGE GURDJIEFF would probably be unknown now, almost sixty years after his death, were it not for a small band of astonishingly dedicated, diversely talented, and multi-lingual followers who claimed him as their “master” – and master them he did.  P. D. Ouspensky, was among the first half-dozen of these resolute disciples.  He was the earliest and closest pupil to write coherently, with intense precision and acute understanding, about Gurdjieff’s ideas and practices but he chose to not publish any of this material, only to lecture privately about it for most of his last thirty years.  Ouspensky was also Gurdjieff’s most distinguished apostle.  Both Tertium Organum and A New Model of the Universe, were widely influential, enduring books, written independently of Gurdjieff, and still read internationally almost a century since they were penned.


The welcome invitation of Gurdjieff Studies Ltd. to contribute a bibliography for their new site on P. D. Ouspensky arrived at an opportune time last month.  Only a few days earlier, I had started updating all the entries for the Ouspensky section of my forthcoming bibliographic study of the Gurdjieff literature.  Here are the dozen-or-so pages about the writings of that persevering Russian and romantic-intellectual, Mr P. D. Ouspensky.


J. Walter Driscoll

31 May, 2007


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